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Motion Picture & Television Fund


A 25,000 square foot non-profit health care facility for the Motion Picture & Television Fund, whose purpose is to provide out-patient care to members of the movie Industry. The facility is located on a relatively small site in Toluca Lake and required a Conditional Use Permit in order to achieve an additional 10,000 square feet of area beyond what was allowed by zoning. In addition to the Health Care Clinic, other program requirements included: a Pharmacy; X-ray and processing room; Mammography; Laboratory; Special Procedures and two levels of subterranean parking. Architectural Services also included interior tenant improvements as well as furniture selections.

Pacific Medical


12,000 SF Physical Therapy Clinic with a therapy pool located on the fourth of an existing building

Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital

Phase I


The project required the synthesis of a diverse program, from Administrative Office Space/Storage to Boiler Room (phase I) and each having distinct requirements for: surface materials; ventilation; exhaust and natural light. The structure is located within a utilitarian portion of a Hospital Campus and is adjacent to: an existing loading dock; large trash compactor/bailer; and exterior storage of Hospital gases. Correspondingly, we maintained that the design of the new building would need to visually stand up to it’s immediate surroundings, yet be compatible with other existing hospital structures which form a more distant backdrop.

Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital

Phase II


Construction phasing was required in order to keep the existing Boiler Building and Utility Canopy on-line, since the new Administration/Storage Building now occupies the portion of the site where the old Boiler Building was located. A new Utility Canopy which carries steam and hot water lines was designed in such a manner as to straddle over the top of the existing Utility Canopy until it could be demolished during Phase II. A concrete block base was utilized on the structure to meet the durable surface requirements of the Ground Level program, while white exterior plaster and horizontal sunscreens were utilized on the Second Level to accommodate an office program and relate to the Hospital Buildings in the background.


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